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We have 15+ Years of Experience.

Over 15 years ago our journey together in the fitness industry began. It's hard to explain when or how our passion was ignited… But I can tell you that nearly two decades of working with others across a range of disciplines (Bodybuilding, CrossFit, and Functional Fitness) has only fueled my passion for health and fitness. It's about more than just the exercise for us… The transformation we see in the people we work with… The mental as much as the physical is why we’re still here today. 

And it's why we're still succeeding. Our passion for coaching and playing a role in the massive positive changes our clients experience is why we founded LEVO.

LEVO is the first of its kind in Kuwait; a rehab gym.

You see… We wanted more than a gym. We wanted to take our expertise and make a difference in the lives of athletes. Unfortunately, injuries are naturally a part of any athlete's career. The fastest path to real recovery allows athletes to get back to what they do best, which is precisely what our core values revolve around: Ethical, sustainable rehabilitation in tandem with injury prevention training.

When your body is your life, you want the best looking after you, right? Our team echoes our passion and vision. And we’ve recruited trainers and therapists from around the globe to ensure our clients know they’re in the best hands. LEVO has exceptionally qualified rehabilitation therapists who are masters of their craft and, most importantly, have the integrity to back it up.


LEVO aims to deliver

 One-of-a-kind professional health and fitness experience focusing on high-performance physical rehab and recovery.

LEVO has two main missions:

  • First, to introduce Kuwait to the REAL power of physical exercise and conditioning in maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle.
  • And last, to also bring a much-needed service to the nation: physical rehabilitation training for high-performance athletes.
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LEVO was founded with the intention of fostering a healthy connection with the body. As one of our principal values, we’ve chosen to keep our formula and services simple and inclusive! Everyone is welcome, and everyone has a place here. We offer a range of services to meet your needs!

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